What is The Sanctuary Movement?

The Sanctuary Movement is a ministry plant in the Metro St. Louis area. It is comprised of individuals from various backgrounds, experiences, and cultural dynamics all having the unified goal of obtaining kingdom purpose through Jesus Christ.  The Sanctuary Movement can be identified by these four pillars-

Word, Worship, Prayer, and Family.


Hosting its first service at the Brentwood Community Center, The church was founded in January 2013 by Pastor Gerald Pace. The work was confirmed and blessed by Bishop Courtney Jones, jurisdictional bishop in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship and Prophetess Marcia Morrison, leader of the Prophetic Matriarch’s Mantle. The church began with three committed workers and a host of covenant partners and friends that would help to birth the work.


In June of 2013, the church relocated to the Ville Neighborhood on the north side of St. Louis, MO where drug and sex trafficking and violence were at an all time high. TSM launched several ministries to deal with the disparities of the area such as StrollCare, Church in the Park, The Street Team, an Outreach Ministry, a Resurrection Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway, and a Back-to-School Party giving away school supplies and providing motivation to the youth of the community.


During their time in this neighborhood, the church grew in souls and influence.  In January of 2015, Pastor Pace released Pastors Kevon and Cedrica Pippens to plant a congregation and mission group in Nashville, TN called the Transformation Church, which is one of  the many extensions to be birthed in the vision of the church.


In four short years, the church has grown to a congregation of over 125 members and has united in fellowship with the Church of God in Christ, Inc. under the leadership of Bishop Elijah Hankerson, III. The church is also in fellowship with the Greater Kingdom International Fellowship led by Apostle Wade C. Jackson.


Currently, TSM is working to develop a ministry center near the Jennings area, which will serve as their worship facility and ministry base.  The church serves an emerging apostolic force in the region and can be labeled as a church with miracles, signs, and wonders following.